Test Subject 0001


Test subject 0001

Alertness – 1
Athletics – 2
Brawl – 3
Computer – 1
Dodge – 1
Drive – 1
Finance – 1
Firearms – 2
Intimidation – 1
Investigation – 1
Linguistics – 1
Medicine – 1
Melee – 1
Security – 1
Streetwise – 2
Subterfuge – 3
Survival – 3


Physical Appearance:
Stands 5’8” and decently built. His dark-colored hair is cut short, his eyes are a deep brown, and his boyish face is framed by a thin-lined beard that ends with a goatee. His arms and chest are covered with tattoos, and he often wears ratty and baggy jeans and a wife beater. He has a noticeable scar on one cheek. Just turned eighteen years of age.

Character Back Story:
Jaime grew up in a rough neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. His mother and father divorced after his mother gave birth to their fifth and last child. Jaime was the oldest of his siblings and took school seriously from an early age. Unfortunately for him and his family, money was scarce and so was food. His mother worked different jobs, losing several along the way due to juggling being a single parent. Up until the start of high school, Jaime kept on the honor roll and was the shining light in his mother’s life.

The problem was that his mother could not bring in enough money to support the family. Unable to secure a job, Jaime turned to the streets and theft. He never told his mother what he did when he left each night. He told her he was working at a grocery store across town. In reality he was breaking into homes and stores late at night. He quickly joined with a group of other misfortunates, who watched his back and he theirs. Whenever Jaime got in trouble with the cops, his friends managed to raise the money to bail him out. His mother still doesn’t know about where he goes at night.

Jaime disappeared on July 4th, 2008. Knowing that people were going to be out watching fireworks displays, Jaime and some of his friends staked out a rich neighborhood. As he was sneaking around behind the house, he heard a strange noise in the neighbor’s yard. He started to turn back when out of nowhere he felt something strike him in the back of the neck. He reached his hand back and pulled from his skin a thin needle. He looked about wildly as his head began to spin. When he collapsed, he thought he saw two men in suits and black sunglasses. This was the last thing he knew before today.

Test Subject 0001

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