Test Subject 0003


Test subject 0003

Academics – 1
Alertness – 1
Animal Ken – 3
Brawl – 2
Dodge – 1
Drive – 1
Empathy – 1
Expression – 1
Intimidation – 1
Investigation – 1
Linguistics – 1
Medicine – 1
Occult – 1
Performance – 2
Security – 1
Streetwise – 3
Subterfuge – 3
Survival – 2


Physical Appearance:
An old, disheveled, and unkempt man in his mid sixties. His hair is a dirty, scraggly white, which frames a tired-looking face filled with wrinkles. Always seen wearing the same ratty set of clothing and smells like he hasn’t had a bath in quite some time.

Character Back Story:
“Old Pete” was born Peter Walsh, and his early life did not at all resemble the life that he suffers through now. Pete grew up into a well-to-do family in San Francisco, CA. He was a decent student and a somewhat quiet kid most of his life. As he grew older, however, Pete came to care about school and work less and less.

At the age of 16, Pete was shown a copy of the San Francisco Oracle by one of his friends. The cover read “A Gathering of the Tribes for a Human Be-In.” Pete and his friends attended the event, which was a counterculture event aimed at going against a new California ban of psychedelic drugs. Pete and his friends got their first taste for hallucinogenic drugs at this event, and he was inspired to move beyond the normal expectations by listening to the music of The Grateful Dead and the poetry of writers like Alan Ginsberg and Gary Snyder at this event.

Pete’s life spun out of his own control from that point on. His grades started slipping to the point that he just stopped going to class. His parents kicked him out of their house a few weeks before his eighteenth birthday, where he went to live with a group of hippies that traveled around the U.S. on their multi-colored “Lovemobile,” which was a painted and converted small-sized school bus.

After the hippie counterculture began to die out in the late 70s and early 80s, Pete found himself strung out and barely holding on. After a near-death experience due to a drug overdose, the last few people he was traveling with left him outside of a church in Portland, OR, afraid to take him to the ER. Luckily for Pete, a good Samaritan found him and called for an ambulance.

Without means of making a living, Pete has been living on the streets ever since. He has frequented several shelters throughout the years, but his drug problems keep him on the streets looking for ways to get high and survive.

The last report of “Old Pete” was Christmas Day 2010. A couple enjoying a midnight stroll in Oregon Park saw him dragged away by unknown assailants. Cops never found him.

Test Subject 0003

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