Test Subject 0005


Test subject 0005

Academics – 1
Altertness – 2
Athletics – 3
Brawl – 3
Dodge – 3
Drive – 1
Etiquette – 2
Finance – 1
Intimidation – 2
Linguistics – 2
Melee – 3
Occult – 1
Stealth – 3


Physical Appearance:
An extremely attractive and ripped male in his late twenties. His head is shaved bald, and his eyes are a deep emerald. Stands only 5’6”, and his chest is covered with a Chinese dragon.

Character Back Story:
Wei grew up in Beijing, China. His family lived a modest life, but his father required that Wei follow in his hobby of studying kung fu. His father was a dedicated teacher, and Wei picked up on his abilities quickly. He earned several accolades and won awards at the different contests that he attended at an early age.

At the ceremony for his red belt, Wei’s father was confronted by a Chinese television executive. They had been watching Wei’s progress over the last year, and they wanted to cast him as part of a television show called Shaolin Superstars (少林明星). His father was very reluctant to allow him to get involved with something like television, but Wei’s pleading convinced him.

The show itself was not much of a lasting success, but Wei’s outstanding athletics and general look led to future rolls, including his breakthrough role as The Kung Fu Kid (功夫小子). Several other movie roles followed, including sequels to The Kung Fu Kid.

His star rose to such a level that people were calling him the next Bruce Lee. The success started to get to Wei’s head, and he got into some trouble while in the limelight. There were a few Hollywood-esque relationships and breakups, yet he continued to get steady work.

Despite his rise to success, he nearly fell into obscurity after an accident during the shooting of The Ancient Serpent Staff (古蛇人员). When filming the climactic scene where Wei’s character was fighting a room full of ninjas in order to save his love interest (and real-life fling at the time), there was an extra that continuously messed up his stunt of taking a kick and falling to the floor. Angered by his ignorance, Wei leveled the guy on the next take a bit too hard, accidentally snapping his neck. Production shut down for days, and word spread quickly. However, like all other movie stars, the case was settled with cash, and he continued on.

He finally got his big break and was offered a contract to play in the U.S. movie The Jade Monkey. On February 2nd, 2004, the small personal jet that was to take him to the States supposedly crashed on its way to L.A.X. No one ever found the wreckage.

Test Subject 0005

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