Test Subject 0007


Test subject 0007

Academics – 3
Alertness – 2
Brawl – 1
Computer – 2
Crafts – 1
Drive – 1
Empathy – 1
Etiquette – 1
Expression – 1
Finance – 2
Intimidation – 1
Law – 3
Linguistics – 1
Medicine – 1
Performance – 2
Science – 1
Subterfuge – 3


Physical Appearance:
A woman in her middle thirties with dyed blonde hair. Her face shows signs of fatigue and age, especially the bagginess under her eyes. She’s a bit overweight but still very attractive for her age. Upon examination, she finds that she now has a hideous scar along her stomach, but she can’t figure out why.

Character Back Story:
Helen grew up in Nebraska in a loving family. She worked hard in school and participated in different extra-curricular activities, such as cheerleading and student council. In high school she met her husband, Dave Barthes. They dated throughout high school and college. They both attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she studied for a business degree. At the start of her last year, Helen realized that she was pregnant. She faced a difficult choice and decided to take a year off and go back to finish her degree after the birth of their first child.

Unfortunately, Helen suffered a miscarriage during the fourth month of pregnancy. Instead of turning her efforts back to her schooling, the death of her unborn child weighed on her mind. After talking about their future, Helen decided to instead get a job as a secretary for one of the college departments while her husband finished off his degree in architecture. Dave pleaded with Helen to finish her own degree, but she continuously replied that she didn’t want to be a burden to his career.

The couple moved to Las Vegas shortly after Dave got his degree and soon married. Dave worked as a designer of new casinos, and Helen found work again as a secretary. Within the first year of their moving, Helen once again became pregnant. She made it her whole term this time around, but complications in the birth led to the death of the infant.

The death of Annie Lynn Barthes drove Helen into a deep depression. She quit her job and spent two years at home. Dave tried his best to help her, but even his caring efforts could not break her from her funk. Helen eventually returned to work at a new office, and on her 32rd birthday she decided that she would try one more time to get pregnant. Helen and Dave sought after fertility treatments, and Helen found the name of a doctor on the internet that promised experimental treatments. On March 21st, 2003, Helen went on her own to the first visit in Indian Springs, NV. This was the last time anyone ever heard from her.

Test Subject 0007

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